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MAMANO was established in February, 2013.

We share our mission statement in order to develop in the right way and make a promise with customers.

I would like to continue brushing up this statement through talking our members, farmers, customers and all people realated to MAMANO.

Kotaro Ezawa


MAMANO’s Vision

True cacaos, for the earth 1000 later.


MAMANO’s Mission

We have three main missions in order to create the earth filled with smiles.

1. To make customers smile by offering the best quality chocolates
2. To inherit the precious nature on the earth to the generations 1000 years after.
3. カカオ農家の持続的な発展に貢献すること



MAMANO’s Value

・The earth consists of almost unlimited species of animals and plants, the nature.  We comprehend the world from the view that we, humans are one of the nature.
・The resources on the earth are limited.  The limited resources should be used carefully and we try not to reduce the resources that next generations can use.
・We don’t agree with excessed consumption society.  We should buy only what we need or waht we really want and prevent non-necessary trashes.
・We don’t blindly follow profit supremacy or growth supremacy under the capitalism.
・We regard a company exists in the society as an important community,  provides the opportunity for self realization and is also  a place to develop relationships with your friends.

Long term Policies

・We prioritize the safety of food.
・We manege our business to  make profits to humans and the earth 1000 years later.
・We welcome the diversity just as the biodiversity on the earth.
・Company trys its best to keep our members happy.
・We promise to keep compliance with laws, high ethical standards, and high morality.
・With a high aspiration, we encourage the culture of keep challenging.
・We develop our business globally.
・We focus the quality from cacao farms to producinf cacaos.
・We utilize the technology.
・We emphasize the designs, arts.
・Above all are to realizing three missions of the earth filled smiles.
・By doing fully direct trading, we create the bright future of the chocolate industry.
・We focus on all procedures in making chocolates, the environment, cacao, farming methods, fermentation, roasting.  We aim to make the NO.1 quality chocolates.

What is needed to join MAMANO

2.Learning ability
4.Growth motivation
5.Empathy for our vision

6.Skills for IT
7.Language skills
8.Other skills


Our policy for producing chocolates

・To use the best ingredients
・To use the ingredients with stories
・To use the ingredients whose producers are obvious
・To make most of the power of the ingredients素材の力を最大限に引き出す
・Not to use the preservatives, colorings nor additives as possible.
・To produce safe chocolates you can eat with a relief.
・To pursuit the world’s first genres, products and recipes.


If you are interested in MAMANO, please contact us.