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Thank you for visiting our website.  I’m Kotaro Ezawa, the CEO of MAMANO

「Who made this?」

This is one of the important criteria when I chose foods I eat or services I receive.
When I do research on what I found favorable,  I found also favorable its maker (regardless of  whether it is an individual or a company).

This time, let me introduce myself.


I was born on Mar. 20th, 1986.生まれは1986年の3月20日です。
I was brought up with one older sister and five younger sister by my parents both of whom are from Iiyama-shi, Nagano.
Both of my parents were the public employee in Tokyo, so I was grown up in Tokyo since I was born.  My older sister became a childminder, and my younger sister became a nurse.

I started to feel strong desire  to contribute to the society, which I think because my father was a government officer and I was influenced by him. (I’m not good at dealing with things around me….)

I entered and graduated from Meguro-ku Higashiyama elementary school, Higashiyama junior high school and Tokyo municipal Shinjuku high school.
As a little boy, I was absorbed in soccer and started to practice volleyball hard since entering junior high.
I also loved reading books and playing video games.  I read lots of biographies and played RPG all night.

When I was a high school student, I belonged to a volleyball club.  My dream was to became a professional libero player and participate in the world cup but I gave up this dream when I failed  the entrance examination for all universities I took.  Although I unwillingly started to study another year to enter university, I started to find studying interesting.  Finally, I entered Waseda Univ. and majored in sociology.

As a university student, I wanted to engage in international jobs in the future, so I entered the English Speaking Society at Waseda Univ.  I joined activity in speech, debate, drama for three years but I couldn’t get good grades personally.  At the third grade, I served as a drama director of  stage-arts and stage-setting for one year, I got some awards for my achievement, which was the first and the last awards I got.

The experience in producing one thing with my friends and sharing laughs and tears is my precious treasure.


After graduated from university, I wanted to launch a new business and I failed the interview of major trading companies, I entered a venture that support and promote the employment of people with disabilities, where I started internships at the fourth grade.

The company shrunk due to the influence of the great depression in 2008, so I entered IT venture which had only two employees.  The company went bankrupt after about six month so I made a living for six month by working part-time, day labor.

The third company was also IT venture with about 30 employees.  They leave the web direction up to me though I was inexperienced.  I enjoy working with excellent colleagues and we witnessed listing stocks. Now the company developed to have about 400 employees and does impact on the society.  I admire them very much.


When I turned to 25 years old began to conduct some activity which contributes to the society by myself.  It was after one year from Aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, I worked hard  on a volunteer activity.  Especially worked hard for Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi, we arranged an exhibition for 16 days at Yurakucho station.  I visited Minamisanriku and sold things which I cared.

I was thanked by people in Minamisanriku, people who bought things in Tokyo, and volunteer staff of the exhibition.

「I want to conduct some global business like this, which make all people  engaged in happy.」

I met Arriba cacao while I was like that.


When I eat it for the first time, I was astonished at its fruity flavor like litchi, floral flavor which was strong but comfortable and moved by how delicious it was.

Arriba cacao must make the customers smile. 

With doing more than fair trade, I can make the situation of the local farmers better.

By adopting Agroforestry, I can keep the nature to the earth in the future.

These ideas came to in my mind and after about half a year of preparation, I opened a small store and kitchen.  Thankfully, many customers visit our store.  More and more I get to know about cacao and chocolates, stronger and stronger my ambition become: I want to produce more chocolates so that  people in the world can enjoy it. 

Thanks to support of many people, I, myself and MAMANO have been able to exist.


I would like to continue challenging and making chocolates that can make people all over the world smile.  We are waiting for you with our chocolates that can encourage you when you feel happy, sad, hard.

When you visit Akasaka・Akasakamituske, please come to MAMANO.

Lots of love to all of our customers, farmers, members and people who are related to us.


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