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Here is our ingredients and policies. (last updated June,2018)

When we make any changes, we will update this page.変更がある場合はこちらに記載致します。
About ingredients information for seasonal items, we will include it when we announce the items.

This is not the best, ideal ingredients, we think of.  In order to offer you an excitement from the bottom of your heart, we will continue to pursue the best  ingredients for all products in terms of the taste, texture, flavor, influence on your health and the environment, traceability, sociality and so on.


  • Produced by Chakra farming method, natural farming, and without chemicals.(Not officially marked as organic)
  • Arriba cacao made in Ecuador (Cacao Nacional Amazonia), Non-genetic recombination(Not officially marked as non-genetic recombination)
  • The stability in quality by buying cacaos in the long term from the  specified association in NAPO Province
  • Only use cacaos selected as class A by our local partners
  • Air transported for keep the quality


  • In principle, at the state of base chocolates, common live bacteria are under 5000/g
  • Only ouse MAMANO’s original chocolate
  • Never use soya lecithin 
  • Adding cacao butter is judged according to the trait of the  products



  • For base chocolates, we use sugar made from sugar cane produced  in Ecuador. (purified sugar)  We are now considering adopting unpurified organic sugar made from sugar cane produced in Ecuador.。
  • For frozen drinks, hot chocolates, chocolate shaved ice, we started to use tempered sugar made in Hokkaido (unpurified, including honey sugar)
  • For ganaches, we use invert sugar made from starch.  We are considering using sugar made from rice.


  • We use non-fat milk consited 100% of raw milk