[Participation of all customers visiting the store] Summer dice campai – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Participation of all customers visiting the store] Summer dice campaign!

The world has entered the Obon period, and a full-scale homecoming rush has begun.
There are more families and young people visiting the store than usual, and I feel like summer vacation while opening the store.

Mamano is a shortened business, butOpen without rest during the Obon periodDoing!
Click here for business schedule during the Obon period


In Mamano, to match the summer vacation"Summer Dice Campaign"Will be carried out!
Roll the dice at the time of checkout at the store and win a chocolate voucher according to the number of rolls!
We will give you an exchange ticket for the following products according to the dice.

[Summer dice campaign]
August 13th (Month) to August 19th (Sun), 2018
Target: All customers visiting our store
Benefits: See below

Dice rolls 1-4
"Akasaka Chocolat Fruy" 1 grain exchange ticket

Dice roll 5
"Chocolate Frozen (S size)" exchange ticket

Dice roll 6
"Chocolate Snow Mountain" exchange ticket

Both tickets[Visit from September 1st to September 30th, 2018]Redeem at]I will do it.
We look forward to your visit and all the staff!