"Sweets Memory Gateau Chocolate" publication commemoration! Limited Ch – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

"Sweets Memory Gateau Chocolate" publication commemoration! Limited Chocolate Snow Mountain is here!

The strongest invincible gateau chocolate bookReleased today as"Sweets Memory Gateau Chocolate Da""Chocolate Snow Mountain", a limited-time menu, was posted on.

"Sweets Memory Gateau Chocolate Da" publication commemorative campaignBy the way"Chocolate Snow Mountain with X Pocky" will be offered from September 5th (Wednesday) to September 16th (Sunday)To do!

If you wish, at the time of ordering"With X Pocky!"Please tell me.

The offer of Chocolate Snow Mountain is scheduled to end at the end of October.
Enjoy the fluffy chocolate snow mountain with the chilly Pocky!

[Book information]
◆ Title: Sweets Memory Gateau Chocolate Cake
◆ List price: 1600 yen (excluding tax)
◆ Release: September 3, 2018
◆ Dimensions: B5 variant
◆Number of pages: 100 pages
◆ Issued by: Kodansha

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