Notice: New product raw chocolate Mont Blanc will be offered at a spec – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Notice: New product raw chocolate Mont Blanc will be offered at a special price of 500 yen from November 21st (Monday) to November 26th (Saturday)!


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Let customers know about chocolate beef stew little by little,
The time to sell out is getting faster.

The 500 yen period will be until this Friday, so
Please try it once this week!
We support in-store, terrace seats, and take-out.
It takes about 3 minutes for rice and 6 minutes for pasta.
Thank you very much.

From next weekNew product of raw chocolate & hot chocolate setWe will start offering at a price.

The period is limited to November 21st (Monday) to November 26th (Saturday).

The new product is ..."Raw chocolate blanc"‼


Chocolatier was particular about it,
Raw chocolate blanc with a light texture like a cake.
The taste is super rich.

The lower layer of the two layers is raw chocolate with Ariba's bitterness.

The upper layer is Mont Blanc with a soft and light texture.
Raw chocolate blanc designed with powdered sugar like winter
Can only be made by chocolatiers,
It is a raw chocolate that pursues the balance between the highest peak alibaka cacao and chestnuts.

Usually, Hochoko S size is 490 yen.

There is a set of raw chocolate blanc for 400 yen per grain,
What ..."500 yen"‼


A set of 890 yen is 500 yen
By all means next week from Monday to SaturdayEnjoy the ultimate snack.

Raw chocolate blanc that MAMANO fans should definitely try.
Chocolatier, sales staff, headquarters staff,
I am looking forward to it from the bottom of my heart.