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[First-come-first-served 300 people] Ariva 70% chocolate bar bonus campaign information.

This is MAMANO Ezawa.

In Akasaka, Tokyo, there are several days in which you can feel the arrival of hot and humid summer.
How is everyone doing.

Today, "[First-come-first-served 300 people are happy bonus] Ariva 70%
We would like to inform you about the "Chocolate Chocolate Gift Campaign".


MAMANO classic popular card chocolate brown sugar Ariba 70%,
There are about 300 oranges that are 70% blessed and have similar dates.

Therefore, to everyone who visits (purchases)
Although it is limited to [first 300 people],
70% brown sugar aliba or 70% orange blessing
I will add chocolate as a bonus.

Customers who purchase two or more cards can also purchase at half price.

Ariba's fruity and sour chocolate bar,
We hope that you will heal your body and mind.

In addition, it will end as soon as the first 300 people are gone, so
Please understand.

Customers who purchase at the online shop will also receive a gift, so
Please use the online shop at this opportunity.

Use of stores and online shops
We are looking forward to seeing you from all the staff.

MAMANO online shop

MAMANO representative
Kotaro Ezawa
May 24, 2016 (Fire)