All chocolate gifts !! MAMANO's Halloween Campaign 2017 is from Octobe – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

All chocolate gifts !! MAMANO's Halloween Campaign 2017 is from October 26th (Thursday) to 31st (Tuesday)! Up to 36% off dice challenge!

This year's Halloween is getting more and more exciting towards the 31st.

At MAMANO, the staff will be welcoming you in disguise this year as well ♪

There is also a chocolate gift plan for all visitors, so

Please come to heal the tiredness of work and with your child as a family <(_ _)>


1. 1. All visitors will receive a gift !!

To the staff「Trick or Treat!!」If you say that, all the visitors will receive a gift !!


★ Akasaka Mitsuke Main Store
One mini chocolate bar will be presented !!
(We will prepare another chocolate as soon as it runs out.)

★ Beautiful body Akasaka Sacas store (Akasaka station ticket gate store)
A cup of mini hot chocolate will be presented !!

2. Dice challenge !! Product discount campaign of "double the total number of 3 dice" !!

Example) If "6, 6, 6" appears, double that36%OFF

We also have a lot of Halloween products, so be sure to get MAMANO chocolates at a great price with the dice challenge ♪


Staff disguise period

October 26th (Thursday), 27th (Friday), 28th (Saturday), 30th (Monday), 31st (Tuesday)


Halloween goods


It seems that Typhoon No. 22 is also approaching.

Please be careful and spend your time.