[Review Campaign] Get a mini tablet by posting on Google – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Review Campaign] Get a mini tablet by posting on Google

[Review campaign] Get a mini tablet by posting on Google

Hello, this is MAMANO CHOCOLATE Ezawa.
from today,Post a review on GoogleTo the customer who didGet one mini tabletI will do it. Please join us.


From June 26th (Tuesday) 11:00 to July 10th (Tuesday) 23:00

■How to participate
1. In your browser,http://bit.ly/2KqgEbyAccess
Or search for "MAMANO" (both PC and smartphone are OK)

2. The MAMANO information provided by Google will be displayed at the top of the search results.

3. Tap "Review"

4. Please rate and post a review on ☆.
* I would be grateful if you could write about 3 lines.
5. Please show the screen after posting to the staff
6. We will give you a mini tablet as a gift!
(The tablet you give as a gift varies from day to day, so please check on Twitter etc.▶https://twitter.com/mamanoofficial)

* Valid only once
* Please show the screen within 24 hours after posting.

How to get the chocolate

1. Serch [MANUAL] on chrome browser.
2. Tap [Review]
3. Post your review over 3 lines.
4. Show us(staff) your screen posted.
5. You get the one mini tablet chocolate!

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