[Introduction of Spring OUTLET Campaign ☆] ~ 4 pieces of raw chocolate – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Introduction of Spring OUTLET Campaign ☆] ~ 4 pieces of raw chocolate, SAKE Revolution 50% OFF !! ~

This is a great news for everyone!
You can purchase raw chocolate and SAKE Revolution, which allows you to make sake, at a special price for 3 days from today! (Limited to stores) Please come visit us!
Period: March 19-22
1. You can purchase 4 kinds of raw chocolate and 6 kinds of salmon revolution (taste: until March 22nd) at 50% off ☆
2. You can purchase 6 pieces of raw chocolate (taste: until March 27th) at 20% off ☆
* Outlets will be closed as soon as they are out of stock.
* We also offer regular flavored foods at a fixed price.
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