How about "the world's first Christmas pavé chocolate like a cake" in – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

How about "the world's first Christmas pavé chocolate like a cake" in Akasaka, Tokyo?

Hello! This is MAMANO Ezawa.

One-third was over in December, and it's finally getting hectic.

After a few warm days, the cold has become harsher.

Please love yourself so that you do not get sick.


By the way, MAMANO is accepting reservations for 2017 Christmas pavé chocolate (cake)!

Enjoy MAMANO's finest Alibaba cacao luxuriously.
For those who like raw chocolate and those who are particular about the real thing, three kinds of super-rich Christmas cakes created by Chocolatier with all their strength. Limited to 100 pieces.

MAMANO Christmas raw chocolate cake
This year's MAMANO Christmas cake can only be made at chocolate specialty stores,
The finest super-rich chocolate cake.


Ariba cacao x Moet champagne raw chocolate cake
The appearance of champagne bubbles rising quietly is expressed in the snowy landscape. The finest harmony with the rich scent of Moet & Chandon and the gorgeous scent of Alibaba cacao. Recommended for those who like alcohol.


"Alibaca Khao 30% Sweet Raw Chocolate Cake
If you eat a bite of sweet alibaca cao 30% raw chocolate, the cheeks will drop.
A non-alcoholic, smooth and happy raw chocolate cake that is safe for children. Recommended for those who like sweets and those who are not good at alcohol.



Alibaba 50% Bitter Raw Chocolate Cake
An ultra-rich and bitter raw chocolate cake that can only be made by MAMANO, an alibaka cacao specialty store.
Designed with the image of a golden cacao pot and cacao leaves for a snowy Christmas.
Recommended for those who like bitter chocolate.


10% off for reservations made by Saturday, December 10thIt will be.
Limited to 100 units! It will be filled in about half.

Nationwide shipping is also possible ♪
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