Next notice: Hot chocolate chai & 1 trial Christmas cake set is 500 ye – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Next notice: Hot chocolate chai & 1 trial Christmas cake set is 500 yen. 20 sets limited to 1 day. 11/28 (Mon) -12/3 (Sat)


There is only one month left for 2016.
There is a cold wind, but be careful not to catch a cold.
Please keep warm and go out!

By the way, next week's 500 yen campaign is
Chai Hochoko, which warms the body with 4 kinds of spices,
We offer a set of 3 types of Christmas cakes.

■ What is Chai?
A drink from India.
Boiled black tea leaves and seasoned with milk and sugar.

■ MAMANO's Chai Commitment
MAMANO's chai uses cardamom, anise, cloves, and chili spices to create a sweet scent that warms up to the core of your body.
A hot drink that pursues an exquisite balance with chai while taking advantage of the aroma of alibaca cao.

■ MAMANO Christmas cake
This year's MAMANO Christmas cake can only be made at chocolate specialty stores,
The finest super-rich chocolate cake.

Let me give you a quick introduction ...!


"Alibaca Khao x Moet Champagne Raw Chocolate Cake"
The appearance of champagne bubbles rising quietly is expressed in the snowy landscape. The finest harmony with the rich scent of Moet & Chandon and the gorgeous scent of Alibaba cacao. Recommended for those who like alcohol.


"Alibaca Khao 30% Sweet Raw Chocolate Cake"
If you eat a bite of sweet alibaca cao 30% raw chocolate, the cheeks will drop.
A non-alcoholic, smooth and happy raw chocolate cake that is safe for children. Recommended for those who like sweets and those who are not good at alcohol.


"Alibaca Khao 50% Bitter Raw Chocolate Cake"
An ultra-rich and bitter raw chocolate cake that can only be made by MAMANO, an alibaka cacao specialty store.
Designed with the image of a golden cacao pot and cacao leaves for a snowy Christmas.
Recommended for those who like bitter chocolate.
Choose one of the three types of chocolate cake, champagne raw chocolate cake, sweet raw chocolate cake, and bitter raw chocolate cake, in a bite size, and blow away the tiredness of the day with spicy chai hocho. I hope you can make it a snack.

It will also be a reference for choosing a Christmas cake!
Please try to complete all types!

Reservations for Christmas cakes will be made on Thursday, December 1st.Start.
10% off for reservations made by Saturday, December 10th.
Limited to 100Reservation.

The reservation is sold out around December 20th every year, so
We recommend that you make an early reservation after the reservation starts.

* We will inform you in more detail after the reservation starts.