[Plan to eat and compare two kinds of chocolate] You can try the new c – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Plan to eat and compare two kinds of chocolate] You can try the new chocolate of fresh cacao harvested in 2018 ahead of time! 2018.6.23 (Sat) start.

This is Kotaro Ezawa, the representative of MAMANO.

This year's harvest of Ecuadorian-Amazon alibaca cao has successfully finished its peak in May.


New work completed?

And finally ...The first chocolate using cacao harvested in 2018 has been completed!

Both are chocolates that you can fully enjoy the gorgeous scent of Ariva, but we would appreciate your feedback to make further improvements. It is also an opportunity to enjoy MAMANO's new chocolates ahead of time, so please join us!


How to participate in the questionnaire

For premium members (e-mail magazine or LINE @), at the store2 types of 1 piece(I want as many people as possible to try it, so I will make it smaller.)I will give you the chocolate. After returning to your home, please try it slowly and cooperate with a simple questionnaire of about 1 minute from the URL below.

Click here for the questionnaire


  • It is OK to become a member on the day.
  • Participation is OK without purchasing the product on the day.
  • We will also deliver it to customers who place an order at the online shop.Click here for online shop →http://shop.mamano-chocolate.com/
  • 2018.6.23 (Sat) -Ends as soon as it runs out. We will notify you on Twitter at the end.Click here for Twitter →https://twitter.com/mamanoofficial

The formulation is a secret

While referring to everyone's opinions, I would like to pursue and improve the happiness of a bite.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

By the way, we will give you two types, A and B, but the composition of each is a secret.

I think it's one of the pleasures to have you taste it with your own tongue and intuition without any packaging or compounding ratio.

Thank you for your cooperation.

MAMANO representative
Kotaro Ezawa