[LINE @ stamp card starts from 7/11 (Wednesday)] Get 1 mini tablet wit – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[LINE @ stamp card starts from 7/11 (Wednesday)] Get 1 mini tablet with 3 drinks or chocolate ice!

From Wednesday, July 11, 2018LINE@For customers who have registered with"Stamp card"Will start.


Introducing stamp cards

At MAMANO DRINKEvery time you order one drink or chocolate shaved iceOne stamp will be collected in.
Save 3And what ...Get one mini tablet on the spot!

* It is okay to order with multiple people and attach them to one stamp card at once.
* You can choose your favorite mini tablet.
(The types may be limited.)

* Stamp is valid for 3 months

* Stamps can only be stamped at the time of payment. ((Stamps cannot be retrofitted even if you bring your receipt. )

* Stamp cards cannot be applied to e-mail magazine members, so we would appreciate it if you could register with LINE @ at this opportunity.


How to use the stamp card


2. 2. After purchasing drink or chocolate ice, click "GET" at the bottom rightRead the QR code presented by the staffAnd stamp GET

3. Present to the staff when 3 are collected

4. Choose a mini tablet!

After handing over the chocolate, we will stamp the "delivery completed" mark.

Real chocolate in everyday life

Real chocolate I would be happy if I could share with you CHOCOLATE LIFE, which you can enjoy little by little every day.


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