[LINE friends only] 2016 chocolate shaved ice first-come-first-served – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[LINE friends only] 2016 chocolate shaved ice first-come-first-served basis 500 people with 100 yen discount! & Student discount campaign from March 25th to April 10th! MAMANO


Hello (^ O ^)

It's a great deal from MAMANO to "LINE Friends"! ️

If you haven't done so already, click here to register as a line friend!
→ http://line.me/ti/p/%40hef9035v

From today, we have started selling the chocolate ice "Chocolate Snow Mountain" which was very popular last year! ️

We will carry out a campaign where you can purchase for 720 yen by discounting 100 yen from the list price of 820 yen for "first-come-first-served 500 people only".
It will end as soon as the capacity is reached, so please purchase as soon as possible.
(Please show the friend registration screen at the store)

And one more! ️
Great information for students! ️
2 weeks from March 25th to April 10th
《Student supportAs a campaign, we will give you a "5% off" from your bill by presenting your student ID card.

Please take this opportunity to visit MAMANO! ︎
We'll be expecting you‼️

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