Notice of the start of sales of "MAMANO Chocolate Gift Certificate". A

Notice of the start of sales of "MAMANO Chocolate Gift Certificate". A campaign is underway where you can purchase a gift certificate worth 1,000 yen for 900 yen only now !!


Hello! This is MAMANO Ezawa, a chocolate shop in Akasaka, Tokyo.

Tokyo was a very pleasant day.
For a while from tomorrow, we will often see fresh appearances such as entrance ceremonies and entrance ceremonies in the town."keep it up."I am sending ale in my heart.


■ To "Thank you."Chocolate cardWith ...

At MAMANO, from today, "Chocolate cardIs now on sale.
A gift card that can be used at MAMANO stores and online.

Based on the theme color of MAMANO, orange,「Thank you」It is a card with a message written as.

"I want my loved ones to take a break with MAMANO chocolate."
"I want you to freely choose and eat chocolate"
"I want to give a present as a reward for my hard work"
It can be used in various situations such as.

mamano chocolate giftcard1000

■ EasierGift VouchersFor those who want to give a gift ...

At the WEB shop, "Gift code for 1,000 yenWe are selling.
After purchasing, we will issue a gift code.
The gift code isIt's okay for anyone to tell meis.

If you tell the clerk the gift code at the store or online, you can shop for 1,000 yen.

■ About special campaigns up to [first 100 sheets]

From todayLimited to 3 per personand,"Chocolate card" and "Gift code"Sell 1,000 yen for [900 yen]I will do it.

Please purchase it at the store or online.
→ MAMANO gift certificate for 1,000 yen


Whether you've eaten MAMANO chocolate before or wish you could go someday,Expiration date is until the end of March next yearBecause there isThere is no loss if you buy it now

Keep one in your wallet, Where it usually ends with "Thank you.""Thank you. Use MAMANO's chocolate gift certificate if you like ☆"Just because of that, I think that the way of expressing gratitude will surely be many times different ♪

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