I went to Artisan Palet D'or Kiyosato! [Mamano Ezawa] – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

I went to Artisan Palet D'or Kiyosato! [Mamano Ezawa]

I went to Artisan Palet D'or Kiyosato on Monday.
About 2 hours from Tokyo.
I found Artisan Palet D'or in the snowy landscape.

We may sell it next to you at special events, etc.
Chocolatier's Saegusa is the owner's workshop.

As soon as you enter the lodge-style shop, you can smell the chocolate.
In the back studio, cacao beans are piled up in linen according to the production area.
Because it is fitted with glass, you can see bean fluy, roaster, and winner.

Furthermore, there seems to be a refiner, conching, and tempering machine in the studio of the door behind it.

I had a delicious soft serve ice cream, a tablet made from Madagascar cacao limited to Kiyosato, and Mr. Saegusa said that he was relaxing.

I gave a greeting and talked a little with the manager of the Kiyosato store and Mr. Saegusa.
Thank you very much for your polite response during your busy schedule.
He taught me the process of various trials and errors, which was a great learning experience.

Please come and visit us!


Artisan Palet D'or