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Chocolatier's thoughts on Valentine's Day.


For women, a day when you can enjoy various chocolates.

A day to convey your gratitude to your loved ones with chocolate.

An event where you can enjoy chocolate with your friends.

For men (especially for students)How many will you get! ?? Will that child give me! ??

An exciting day.

Even if I go to school with a casual face, my heart is when I open the shoe box, when I take out the stationery from the desk,

When I exchange words with a girl, good morning, I feel uncomfortable.

The children are looking forward to getting a lot of chocolates from their dad at work.

I got my dad's chocolate! ?? And begs for it.

There is also a wonderful scene where you work hard to convey your feelings.


As a chocolatier, it's time to get the most attention to my work in a year, and I'm very excited about it.

When you make a reservation, to whom do you give it to the customer? And,

He likes chocolate here, and while exchanging such conversations,

He explained that this year's Valentine's chocolate is such a commitment.

Customers also look delicious! want to eat! It gets excited.


When it's quite crowded, I can't talk slowly, but

Such conversation is one of the pleasures of running a shop.

I hope that a lot of communication will be born through Valentine's Day.

For such Valentine's Day, I think while making chocolates one by one.

For Valentine's Day 2015, please enjoy MAMANO's specialty chocolates.

The last is promotion! Lol

MAMANO is looking for part-time staff! !!

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