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"8 overseas sites that chocolatiers and pastry chefs who aspire to bean to bar should read" taught by a chocolate shop

Hello, Akasaka, TokyoMAKE CHOCOLATEThis is Ezawa.

Today, I would like to know about the sites that I often see while studying in the chocolate industry, the sites that I should check, and how to collect information.Mainly bean to bar informationI would like to share mainly on.

I think that there are many people who are looking up various information in Japanese, soOverseas sitesI will tell you the sites that Ezawa is checking from the information sources (mainly the United States and the United Kingdom). (I haven't been able to check much information in French and Spanish, so I'd appreciate it if you could tell me!)


◆ Video system

Bean to bar film


There is a charge but it is worth seeing


Chocolate alchemy

It is a pioneer of the Bean to Bar movement in the United States.
A wealth of Youtube videos and Q & A with users.
If you ask a question, it will be answered.Tools can also be purchased by private import.

◆ Blog system

Chocolate codex


The Chocolate Life


Choka Blog


◆ Group system

Fine Chocolate Industry Association


International Chocolate Salon


Cocoa Runners


◆This department

Many good books have not been translated, so I try my best to read them while translating them on my Kindle.Read somehow even if you don't understandIf you keep doing that for a few years, you'll probably be able to understand it.

For those who are not good at English, it is recommended that you first read all the related books in Japanese and then switch to books in a foreign language.

◆ Collect the latest information on Google Alert

"Google Alert"Register the words you care about on the site and collect information every day.
For example, cacao, beantobar, chocolate, bonbon, etc.
It picks up information from all over the world and delivers it once a day.


I think there is a lot of information I don't know yet, so if there are other recommended sites, I would like to add them, so please let me know! I will add it m (_ _) m I would appreciate it if you could tell me by mentioning or DM on personal Twitter.