I went to the high cacao chocolate stand! [Mamano representative's twe – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

I went to the high cacao chocolate stand! [Mamano representative's tweet]

I went to the high cacao chocolate stand today!
Immediately from Daikanyama Station.

It is a new brand from Dandelion in Kuramae.
I love the concept of a chocolate stand.
I hope to increase the number of chocolate drink shops that use high-quality, genuine cacao.

As expected, there is only Daikanyama and it is fashionable ...!
There is a slight chocolate scent in the shop.

I ordered ice chocolate, my acquaintance ordered hot chocolate, and fondant.
I bought cacao nibs caramelize as a souvenir.

If you like chocolate, please come and visit us!

White day is just around the corner.

Please purchase at Mamano while you have the goods ◎

I recommend it with confidence ☆



Mamano is looking for friends to build the best chocolate shop in the world together.
We have an environment where you can play an active role in various occupations such as bean to bar business, chocolatier, chocolate designer, designer, marketer, so please contact us directly.
We are also looking for student internships.

Mamano representative Kotaro Ezawa