We had you celebrate Valentine & White Day Thanksgiving & birthday. [M – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

We had you celebrate Valentine & White Day Thanksgiving & birthday. [Mamano Ezawa]

We held a tired party with the members who ran with us on Valentine's Day and White Day 2018.

The short-term sales staff grew day by day and was good at communicating with customers.
There are many student members, and I hope that Mamano's Valentine will be lively together next year. At every exhibition hall, the smiles and talks of Mamano's sales staff were shining.

Short-term packaging staff can change the packaging space and personnel in about two months.
It was a year when I had a hard time creating an environment where I could work stably.

Thanks to the active efforts to improve packaging efficiency and create an environment,
We were able to respond to customer visits, which was about 1.6 times that of last year.

It was really good that we were able to provide it without having to go home because it was sold out.
The long-term staff made full use of their usual sales and customer service skills.
During Valentine's Day, you will need to make various adjustments by doing 5 places at the same time,
He also actively acted as a coordinator.

I wasn't able to participate in this event,
Part-time members of manufacturing were also active in large wheels.
The growth is remarkable, and if you continue to improve your skills, I think everyone can become a first-class chocolatier.

Thank you to the people who were in charge of the interior and sales promotion, and the members who created a system that allows us to concentrate on manufacturing and sales behind the scenes.

Since we launched with the employee members immediately after White Day,
Needless to say, I am grateful again.

Even better, we celebrated our 32nd birthday!
I'm thrilled! thank you.

I'm happy to have become such a wonderful team, and
Steadily advancing new projects,
I would like to create more and more stores that will please people all over the world.

We are also looking for friends!

Mamano representative Kotaro Ezawa