We will release Mamano's mission and management policy (MISSION STATEM – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

We will release Mamano's mission and management policy (MISSION STATEMENT).

We will publish Mamano's mission and management policy on our website.
I would like to continue to grow with many of you in the future!

Mamano was founded in February 2013.

As we continue to develop further in the future, we will share the declaration text as a flag so that we can grow together as a promise with our customers by making it public.

While interacting with members, cacao farmers, customers, and everyone involved
I would like to brush up every day.

Kotaro Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Kotaro Ezawa

March 13, 2018

■ Mamano's Mission
Mamano's mission is to create an earth full of three smiles.

1. Make customers smile with the highest quality chocolate
2. Connecting the precious nature of the earth to generations 100 years from now
3. Contribute to the sustainable development of cacao farmers

To realize the three missions
All members strive to be good people with a mature heart.

■ Mamano's Value (world view)
・ The earth is made up of an infinite number of living things and nature, and we see the world on the premise that human beings exist as a part of nature.
・ The resources of the earth are limited. Use finite resources carefully and strive not to reduce the resources that can be used by future generations.
・ I do not agree with an excessive consumer society.
Aim for a society that does not generate unnecessary garbage by buying what you need and what you really want
・ Do not unknowingly follow the profit supremacy and growth supremacy of capitalism.
・ The company exists in society as an important community, provides a place for human self-fulfillment, and is also a place to foster bonds with friends and loved ones.

■ Long-term management policy
・ Food safety is our top priority.
・ We will manage the earth and humankind 100 years from now.
・ We welcome diversity as well as the ecosystem of the earth.
・ The company will do its utmost to ensure the happiness of its members.
・ Has legal compliance, high ethical standards, and high morality.
・ Create a culture that has high aspirations and continues to take on challenges.
・ Expand the company on a global scale.
・ We are particular about the highest quality from cacao plantations to chocolate production.
・ Thoroughly utilize technology.
・ Emphasis on design and art.
・ All to create "the earth full of three smiles".
・ Become a company that creates a bright future for the chocolate industry by trading more than 100% fair trade
・ Aiming for overwhelming quality No. 1 by sticking to all processes of natural environment, variety, farming method, fermentation, roasting, chocolate making

■ What is necessary for Mamano members
1. Human power
2. Learning ability
3. Curiosity
4. Desire to grow
5. Empathy for the vision

+ α
6. IT skills
7. Language ability
8. Job-specific skills

■ Guidelines for making chocolate
・ Use the best materials
・ Use materials with a story
・ Use materials that allow you to see the producer's face
・ Maximize the power of the material
・ Avoid using preservatives, coloring agents, additives, etc. as much as possible
・ Make chocolate that can be eaten safely and securely
・ Pursue the world's first and world's only genres, products, and recipes


If you are interested in Mamano, please feel free to contact us.