Representative Tweet: Preparing for 2019 Valentine – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Representative Tweet: Preparing for 2019 Valentine

The 2019 Valentine's lineup is almost at the final stage.
Using only good quality Ecuadorian, chakra farming (agroforestry) and partner farms remains the same.

① Package change

The standard packages for mini tablets, pavé chocolate, and bonbon chocolate will change.
The mini tablet will be changed from a hanging paper to a sticker box method.

I wonder if it would be cute if the mini tablet could be glimpsed from above, and while I'm happy, I'm working on making samples with the person in charge of MAMANO and the professional person in charge of the packaging company.

I'm excited when the person in charge says, "The package sample is ready. I'm confident."

The meeting is this Friday.

Raw chocolate will change direction from the conventional large-grain raw chocolate to mini-sized raw chocolate. I also liked to have a large size cut with a box and a set pick, but I thought it would be better if you could eat it without cutting it by cutting it one by one.

The bonbon chocolate will be changed from a deep tray to a shallow tray, and the height of the box itself will be shallower. Bonbon chocolate is the most time-consuming chocolate in all products, and the design is also important. I'm planning to change it because I want to make the chocolate itself stand out even a little.

② Opening a special event

The 2019 Valentine's Day event isTobu Department Store IkebukuroWe are planning to open a store.
The number of special event stores will be less than this year, but I hope that the main store and Tobu Department Store will be able to provide polite customer service and product introductions to each and every customer.

The 2019 event short-term staff hopes that the members who were in charge of customer service will gather last year as well. If you are interested in the short-term staff of the event, please contact us in advance!