Thank you MAMANO Valentine 2016 Kotaro Ezawa, representative of MAMANO – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Thank you MAMANO Valentine 2016 Kotaro Ezawa, representative of MAMANO

The big event, Valentine 2016, has ended.

Thank you for visiting Akasaka Main Store, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tamagawa Takashimaya, Atre Kichijoji, and many other places.

The fourth Valentine for MAMANO.
We also opened a store for the first time at the exhibition hall.

■ Thank you to our customers

Thank you very much for choosing MAMANO from over 100 brands.

Grandma came with a piece of paper with the words "MAMANO Bonbon Chocolat 10" in her hand and said, "I was told to buy it from my grandson."

The couple tasted raw chocolate, and after about 10 steps away, they expressed their surprise, saying, "The scent is amazing! I came back unintentionally!"

A customer who praised me, "There are many delicious chocolates, but this is the one you want to buy the most."

Customers who have visited many times in a short period of time.

Akasaka regular customers.

It is the significance of MAMANO to make everyone happy and enjoyable. It is our pleasure to see people eating deliciously and buying happily (and imagining having them eat each bite happily at home ...).

We will continue to deliver chocolates with soul one by one.
Please come and visit us again.


■ About the Chocolatier Team

The Chocolatier team, led by Chef Tatsunori Sato, has always created the best chocolates without compromise. Although it is the smallest chocolate studio in the world in Akasaka, we are proud that it is the most soulful team in the world.

The workshop is located in the Akasaka main store building.
Tempering, bonbon chocolate trumpet, ganache preparation, chocolate bar cutting, chocolate design, all processes are done in a glass-covered studio.

When you visit Akasaka, please take a look at the craftsmanship that can only be seen here and how the mellow chocolate flows out.


■ About the staff

This time, all the sales cast of MAMANO was done by our own staff.
Including short-term staff, let them know about MAMANO's fair trade efforts, hold a rally while eating chocolate, have them check the taste and commitment, and all employees and staff will work together with customers toward one goal. I was able to face each other.
Thank you to all the staff.
thank you.


■ To each event hall

Thank you very much for your invitation.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the fact that we are often unfamiliar with the opening of the store for the first time.

We look forward to your continued guidance in the future, such as White Day, Valentine's Day next year, and efforts at permanent stores.


■ MAMANO → Connection with cacao farmers

We also reported to Ecuador's partners, cacao farmers, and members of the cacao union with photos of this event.

The more customers will be pleased with MAMANO chocolate, the more proud the Amazon cacao farmers in Ecuador will be, and the more stable their income and livelihood will be.

While protecting the Amazon with natural farming, MAMANO will expand the mechanism to have the best cacao cultivated and enjoy the best chocolate forever, all over Japan and all over the world.
I was able to take a new step with this Valentine.


■ About the future of MAMANO

If you like MAMANO chocolate or would like to make future Mamano chocolate together, please contact Ezawa. We are looking for sales employees, chocolatiers, store development, sales, general affairs, and each position.

■ White Day event schedule

We will open a store at the following exhibition space.
We look forward to meeting you all.

Fuchu Isetan March 9th-March 15th
Tamagawa Takashimaya March 9th to March 14th
Atre Kichijoji March 8th to March 14th

Representative of MAMANO Ezawa Takataro