MAMANODRINK open today! !!

MAMANODRINK open today! !!

April has started ♪

MAMANODRINK, which has been steadily preparing
It started today!

Please come and visit us with your new friends ◎


MAMANO, an aliba cacao specialty store, will open "MAMANO DRINK Akasaka Mitsuke Store" on April 3, 2018 (Tuesday).

Since its establishment in February 2013, we have consistently used only the finest Alibaca cacao from Ecuador and natural farming, and have continued to make efforts to win-win customers and farmers through direct transactions with the locals. rice field.

The store that will open on April 3 will be renewed and opened at the workshop behind the MAMANO Akasaka Mitsuke main store. To commemorate the opening, we will offer 100 yen discount on all drinks from April 3rd to April 30th.


About the concept of "real chocolate drinks in everyday life."

I would like to change the concept of chocolate drink = sweet.

We came up with this concept because we want you to enjoy the real chocolate drinks we think of on a daily basis, to relax, to heal your tiredness, and to concentrate on your work.

We hope that you will enjoy it in various daily situations, such as during lunch break, after meals, as a snack, after work, and at the end of drinking.

What is the meaning of "genuine" realized by "MAMANO DRINK"?

・ Genuine cacao that is not genetically modified
・ Pesticide-free, naturally cultivated cacao that is kind to the earth and the human body
・ Cacao that can be relieved without using emulsifiers, preservatives and additives
・ Cacao that has a genuine bond through direct transactions with farmers
・ Unfinished real drinks that are served freshly in front of customers
・ Drinks that are served with the original butter of cacao instead of "cocoa" without cacao butter

Providing these values is called "genuine".

* We do not deny genetic modification, pesticides, trading company-mediated transactions, cocoa, and mass production.
* There are various merits such as improvement of productivity, improvement of preservation, and easy solubility in water and milk, and we do not think that there is a problem in using it. We would like to provide our customers with choices.

Q. If I drink chocolate every day, I would get fat ...?
A. Chocolate = fat is a mistake.
The number one issue is how much sugar is in the chocolate.

Mamano's hot chocolate weighs 7.5g per S size cup.
For example, a cup of caramel latte from a major coffee shop may contain about 25-30g of sugar.

WHO generally recommends a daily intake of 25g or less of sugar.
Please note that sugar is contained in addition to sugar.

Q. Is cacao rich in polyphenols and good for your health?
Cacao is certainly a food rich in polyphenols, but I don't think you need to eat too much for your health.

Eating dark chocolate on an empty stomach is recommended as it can increase satisfaction with a small amount. Also, the habit of eating dark chocolate, which is additive-free, pesticide-free, and low in sugar, such as mamano, is a more favorable habit for those who habitually eat too much junk food and snacks. I think it can be said.

I think it is more important to have a balanced diet, exercise, and sleep to live a stress-free life than to focus on one ingredient.

SHOP information

■ Store name (SHOP NAME)
MAMANO DRINK Akasaka Mitsuke
(Mamano Drink Akasaka Mitsuke)

■ Concept (CONCEPT)
Have a real chocolate drink in your daily life.

Bringing real cacao to the earth 1000 years from now.

Hot chocolate drink
S 490 yen
M 600 yen

Frozen chocolate drink
S 490 yen
M 600 yen

Brandy added 100 yen

・ All chocolates are from Ecuador, no pesticides are sprayed. ・ Only natural farming aliba cacao is used. ・ Cacao is sorted into A grade and others at the farm, and only A grade is used.
・ If you order only drinks, please come directly to the drink shop.
・ You can also visit the store in the table with your chocolate order.
・ Because it is based on take-out, it has a rich yet refreshing taste.
・ Chocolate shaved ice "Chocolate Snow Mountain" is not currently available. Sales are undecided.

■ Business hours (BUSINESS HOUR)
[Weekdays] 11: 00-21: 30
[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 11: 00-18: 00