Ariva 85% chocolate has been purchased! – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Ariva 85% chocolate has been purchased!

Good evening! This is MAMANO Ezawa.
Yesterday,Ariva 85%Has arrived at MAMANO from Ecuador!
Until now, it was unified at 75%, but 85% will be added as a new lineup.
Win a tournament around the worldIt's "dark chocolate".
The moment you put it in your mouth"Scent" is not odd
Maybe I've never eaten this kind of chocolate! ??
The king of cacao, the king of chocolate.
We will continue to provide products using such Ariva 85% chocolate abundantly.
If you like bitter chocolate, please give it a try.
For those who like sweet chocolate, of course, the sweetness is less than what you usually eat, but that's the amount.Strong aroma and delicate sweetnessI hope you enjoy it.
Even if you struggle a little at first, you will definitely get into it gradually!
We will inform you again as soon as we line up at the store.
Please stay tuned!
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