I participated in a lecture by Ecuadorian Everest mountaineer Patricio – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

I participated in a lecture by Ecuadorian Everest mountaineer Patricio Tiselema!

With Ambassador Torres and the female participants.

Patricio's lecture
Yesterday, I was introduced to Mr. Ichikawa of Ecuadorian travel agency Surtrek and participated in a lecture by Ecuadorian mountaineer Patricio Tiselema.
Patricio said he had made five vows by the age of 30.
1 Climbing Mt. Everest alone and oxygen-free
2 Learn English
3 Learn French
4 Learn German
5 Learn Japanese
Everything seems to have been achieved. very!
It is a superhuman.
Almost all of this lecture was spoken in Japanese, even though he said, "It's been a while since I've been in Japanese, so my head is messed up."
When he climbed Everest for the first time, he met four corpses.
Next week, there is a plan to climb Mt. Fuji with Patricio, so if you are interested, please join us.
After that, an Ecuadorian tourism promotion seminar was held from the embassy.
I saw a promotional video "I love life in Ecuador" and explained briefly.
Finally, I greeted Mr. Jimenez of the Commerce Department of the Ecuadorian Embassy, Mr. Carlos of the Secretary, and Mr. Torres of the Ambassador, and returned home.
It was a lecture that saw a new side of Ecuador.
Thank you to Mr. Ichikawa for inviting us and everyone who manages it!
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