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Thank you for participating in Latin America Bazaar 2013.

Yesterday, I participated in the Latin American Bazaar 2013 sponsored by the Latin American Women's Association as one of the Ecuadorian booths. It was the first time for MAMANO to participate in the event, but thanks to the operators and embassy staff, it was a great success.
The invited Ecuadorian embassies, Mr. Sakurai and Mr. Takeda, the embassy staff who provided various support.
All of the Latin American Women's Association who sponsored and operated it.
Visitors who paid for the admission fee and had a hard time.
Mr. Fujii, a MAMANO staff member who responded to customers while being smart on the second day after entering.
Thank you to everyone.
thank you.
The bazaar venue is between the phoenixes of the Tokyo Prince Hotel, and there is a long line in front of the hotel before the opening!
From 11:00 to 15:30, it was very lively and lively.
Her Imperial Highness Princess Hitachi was also looking at the booths of each country.
There was also a greeting from the lady of former Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, the president of the Latin American Women's Association.
I also left a little and went around the embassy booths of each country and got a lot of delicious food!
20% of the sales on the day were donated.
I would love to participate again next year!
thank you very much!

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