For souvenirs from Akasaka, Tokyo, MAMANO God's chocolate. – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

For souvenirs from Akasaka, Tokyo, MAMANO God's chocolate.

Customers from abroad, business trips, and travelers.
We are grateful that MAMANO is being used more and more as a souvenir from Tokyo and as a souvenir from Akasaka.
As a souvenir, you will be asked "What do you recommend?", So my recommendation ...
■ For customers who can return that day ...
"The best melting raw chocolate" is recommended.
Alibaka Kao 75% Chocolate and milk only MAMANO's popular product using the finest fresh cream made from raw materials.
The moment you put it in your mouth, it melts and slides smoothly on your tongue.
You can see that the scent of Ariva gradually disappears into the nose as it melts.
Even after you finish eating, you will continue to be happy for a long time.
The expiration date is 4 days, so it is recommended if you can return on that day ☆
Please select "Tokyo Akasaka souvenir" as the hanging paper ^^
■ For overseas customers and customers staying in Tokyo for several days ...
"Ariba 75% & 85% chocolate bar" is recommended.
The wild and fruity scent of Ariva, the original species of cacao, spreads throughout your mouth.
There are seven types, and one type of brown sugar chocolate will be added in the near future.
It has a long best-by date of less than a month, making it ideal for carrying over long distances.
You can freely choose the hanging paper.
"MAMANO", a fair trade chocolate shop specializing in Alibaba cacao
3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Akasaka Floral Plaza Building 1st floor
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