We will open a store in Latin America Charity Bazaar on Friday, Novemb – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

We will open a store in Latin America Charity Bazaar on Friday, November 1st!

good morning!
This is MAMANO Ezawa.
The Latin American Charity Bazaar at the Tokyo Prince Hotel on Friday, November 1st.
MAMANO will open at the Ecuadorian Embassy booth.
It is an event where you can enjoy folk crafts, meals, dance and music from Latin American and Caribbean countries.
On the day of the event, the ambassadors of each country, Princess Hitachi-no-miya, and Princess Hanako may also be guests.
20% of all booth sales on the day including MAMANO will be evenly distributed to each country.
It will be donated to the social activities of each country.
The planned number of visitors is about 3,000.
The most popular one seems to be the Brazilian booth,
I would like to liven up the Ecuador booth without losing!
■ Recommended for people like this
Those who like Latin dance and Latin music,
Those who are interested in South American culture and nature,
Those who want to build connections with key figures in South American countries,
Those who are thinking of doing business in South America,
And so on,
We hope that many people will come to visit us!
Admission tickets will be purchased together at MAMANO, so please let us know ☆
Usually 2,000 yen, but we will transfer it for 1,500 yen ☆
If you would like a ticket, please contact us at the email address below.
Please write "Latin America Bazaar Ticket Request" in the subject line.
→ info@mamano-chocolate.com
■ Event details
Date and time: Friday, November 1st, 11 am-3:30pm
Location: Tokyo Prince Hotel 2nd floor "Phoenix Room", "Magnolia Hall"
Address: 3-3-1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku
Nearest: 1 minute walk from Onarimon Station on the Mita Line, 7 minutes walk from Daimon Station on the Asakusa Line, 10 minutes walk from Hamamatsu Station on the JR Central / Tokyo Monorail
Admission ticket: 2,000 yen
(Includes tickets to win luxury prizes, including airline tickets and dinner tickets) 
The lottery and music will start temporarily in the afternoon.
Please put the admission ticket stub in the lottery box by 1:00 pm.
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