We are looking for participants for the MAMANO New Work Show on June 1 – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

We are looking for participants for the MAMANO New Work Show on June 1st.

This is Ezawa from MAMANO!
The new work show in June will be held on the first Saturday.
Those who couldn't be busy with work on weekdays ...
Those who want to eat delicious chocolate on Saturday,
Please apply ☆
Participation conditions are those who have eaten MAMANO products at least once.
Thank you very much.
June 1st (Sat) 4th New Work Fair (Customer Appreciation Day)
A new work show will be held on Saturday, June 1st.
At the new work fair, you can sample all new works for free.
The purpose is to receive frank opinions from customers and utilize them for product improvement.
If you are interested, please apply by email to info@mamano-chocolate.com.
Please write "Wednesday, June 1st, Hope to participate in the new work competition" in the subject line, and [Name, phone number, desired time zone] in the text.
We are looking forward to your application.
■ Details
Date and time        : June 1, 2013 (Sat)
Start time / maximum number of people:
1.  14 o'clock ~   3 people
2.  15 o'clock ~   3 people
3. 16:00~ 3 people
4. 17:00~ 3 people
5. 18:00~ 3 people
Location: At the MAMANO store
Cost: Free
Participation conditions:
・ Those who have visited MAMANO more than once
・ Those who can cooperate with the questionnaire on the spot
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