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MAMANO's Snow Country Passion Fruit Chocolate Secret

Good morning.
This is Kotaro Ezawa, the representative of MAMANO.
Today, I would like to introduce MAMANO's new April snow country passion fruit in detail!
Passion fruit is usually a tropical fruit.
It is sweet and sour and has a very elegant scent.
MAMANO's passion fruit is from "Snow Country".
As the cultivation area for passion fruit, we use the one cultivated in Iiyama City in Nagano Prefecture, which is the northern limit.
Speaking of Iiyama City, there was a maximum of 8 meters of snow in the past.
In fact, the seedlings grown in such snow have the characteristics of passion fruit.
The sugar content is about 20 degrees.
The taste and aroma are the best.
In addition, the nutritional value is high! Lots of ingredients that are especially good for women.
Rich in minerals, vitamin C, potassium, B carotene, citric acid, linoleic acid, iron and more!
All the ingredients are important for beauty and health.
What makes pregnant women happy is that the content of "folic acid" is one of the highest among fruits.
It is also said to have dementia prevention, alveolar pyorrhea, and a good night's sleep.
We have received inquiries from local customers, but this is still only available in stores!
Please wait a little longer for online sales! We are currently preparing m (__) m
When I'm boiling passion fruit, it's my bliss that the sweet and sour scent spreads throughout a small shop of 2.7 tsubo.
Well, we are still open until 23:00 today ♪