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Notice of product composition change of MAMANO gift box series

This is Ezawa, the representative of MAMANO.
We will inform you of the changes in the product contents.
Starting today, the "Gift Box Series" will be changed from 6 types to 7 types.
■ Background of the change ...
There are 7 types of MAMANO chocolate bar series (including "Orange Blessing") in total, but up to now, 6 types of gift sets have been included.
This time, in order to make the product composition easier to understand, we have included all types of gift boxes.
■ I want to order a set of 6 types as before ...
If you would like to have 6 different sets as before, you can select 6 chocolates individually and order the box and bag separately and we will provide you with the same set.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, although we may inconvenience customers who have purchased a set of 6 types until now due to changes in the contents of the gift box.
We will continue to strive to be a store that is loved by everyone.
Thank you for your cooperation in MAMANO.
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