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MAMANO Two exciting projects started!

MAMANO wants to continue to be a store that provides "excitement" to our customers.
Not only the taste and design of chocolate, but also the atmosphere of the store, customer service, and planning.
Starting today, we will carry out two exciting projects.
MAMANO exciting project part 1
★ ☆ A whole raw chocolate that melts in the post of "I went to MAMANO" will be presented ☆ ★
■ For details ...
When you come to the store, we will give you a grain of melty raw chocolate, which is MAMANO's signature product, to those who have posted MAMANO reviews, photos, and check-ins on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, tabelog, etc.
If you show the staff the screen you posted, we will give it to you on the spot ♪
From Saturday, April 13 to Tuesday, April 30
MAMANO exciting project part 2
★ ☆ One person wins the "MAMANO Affection Gift Set Fortunate" packed with MAMANO products every week ☆ ★
■ For details ...
I like MAMANO's Facebook page! A lottery will be held once a week from among the MAMANO e-mail magazine registrants, and the winners will receive a "MAMANO Affection Gift Set Lucky" as a gift.
Winners will be announced every Tuesday!
April 16th (Tuesday) -May 14th (Tuesday)
Like to Facebook page! Currently there are 336 people, so the odds of winning are 1/336 every week!
We are looking forward to the participation of many people.
I would be grateful if you could share it with your friends and let us know.
Thank you for visiting MAMANO.
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