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Mr. Tokumitsu who always comes to MAMANO with a smile

Since the opening in February, freelance announcer Kazuo Tokumitsu has been visiting MAMANO every week.
Watching the award ceremony of the National Honor Award of Matsui Nagashima the other day, I am glad that people who appear on TV like this come every week, so I will write it on my blog again. I made it.
Mr. Tokumitsu who always talks with a smile every time he passes, "It's popular with female Anna!" ☆
I'm a giant fan, partly because I was a Yomiuri Shimbun when I was a kid, and every Sunday morning from 9:30 am, I watch the program "The Sunday" that Tokumitsu had teamed up with Egawa, and I'm always Tokumitsu. I was always watching him reading a letter to the players.
During the Golden Week holidays the other day, he said, "I'll give it to the driver girl." And asked me to choose raw chocolate.
I think that such consideration is also the secret to being able to play an active role in the entertainment world.
I would like to devote myself to making delicious chocolates and support their success.
I am always grateful for your help!
Kazuo Tokumitsu (wikipedia)
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