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Why is it "God's chocolate"? ??

The MAMANO logo says "God's chocolate".
From the customer, why is God's chocolate? I am often asked, so I would like to tell you.
Does anyone know the scientific name of cacao, the raw material for chocolate?
Those who went to the Ueno chocolate exhibition may know.
The scientific name of cacao is "Theobroma cacao".
Theobroma means "God's food", and it was named like this because it was a precious food that only the royal family could eat in the past.
Cacao, the food of God, is now famous in Africa and Indonesia, but it was originally a fruit derived from South America.
Since the Spaniards invaded the Inca Empire in the 1500s and brought it back and expanded it as a slave industry, it began to be cultivated in areas just below the equator such as Africa and Asia.
It is said that the original species of cacao, which is the food of God, is cultivated in the upper Amazon region of South America. (There are various theories) Moreover, MAMANO chocolate is cultivated by the indigenous Quechua people by the traditional natural cultivation method.
Cultivation area, cultivation method, grower, cacao taste and aroma.
We named it "God's Chocolate" because it is the highest quality chocolate that lives up to the name of God's food.
When you come to Akasaka, please try God's chocolate ☆
Please use it as a souvenir (^^)
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