I went to Earth Day Tokyo! – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

I went to Earth Day Tokyo!

Hello! I'm Nishimori from MAMANO.

I participated in Earth Day Tokyo held at Yoyogi Park in the very nice weather yesterday!

Earth Day is a day when we think about the earth and act. Many NPOs and companies engaged in activities to think about the earth and people were exhibited.

In the food area, shops that do not use pesticide-free ingredients or chemical seasonings served dishes from around the world.

In this food area, you will have to use your own tableware or pay 100 yen to buy reused tableware. Therefore, there are no disposable plastic containers or paper cups.

Personally, I think it's better not to distribute reuse containers for free, but to charge for reuse containers to promote my tableware.

In addition, there is an area where clothes made from organic cotton and miscellaneous goods made by each person are exhibited, and many of them are environmentally friendly and have a high design. It was fun ◎

Although the products are different, I felt that they were similar to MAMANO chocolate, which made me study.

It is said that today is a consumer society, but it was a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we can protect the environment by carefully using high-quality products for a long time even if the price is a little high.

When you think about the earth, it seems like a big thing, but first of all, I think it is important for each person to make small choices that are kind to people and the environment, and to accumulate them. felt.

Normally, it would be ideal to unconsciously act in a way that is kind to people and the environment, but since we sometimes forget about it in our daily lives, we should consider the day when we think about the earth and the environment with such awareness. I think it is important to set it up.

It's been a fun but learning day!