Report of visit to the Ecuadorian embassy – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Report of visit to the Ecuadorian embassy

I visited the Ecuadorian Embassy in Nishi-Azabu yesterday.
First of all, thank you for the report and support three months after the opening.
Next, I would like to talk about the progress of the Yasuni ITT initiative and an article published in the British Guardian (Are you considering selling forests to a Chinese oil company?).
For Yasuni,
• The direction of protecting Ecuador's world's most diverse Amazon has not changed. The Yasuni Initiative is on track.
• Chinese companies have only been given the right to investigate but have not yet been granted permission to dig oil.
• It doesn't matter because the forest in the area that was in the news this time and the Yasuni area (the area where MAMANO cacao is cultivated) are separated.
And that.
I hope it doesn't mean that we will protect the forests of Yasuni National Park but not the rest of the forests.
Finally, I would like to propose some projects that will make Ecuador known to as many people as possible.
I would like to report this when it actually starts to move.
For reference, I received a booklet from Yasuni National Park.
Thank you for your valuable book! !!

There were lots of pictures of beautiful forests, animals and plants that were breathtaking.
It is placed in the store, so please have a look if you are interested.
Cacao is cultivated in such areas, transported to factories, imported into Japan, and finally made into various chocolate products at MAMANO.
My feelings for chocolate have deepened again.