Ecuador Tourism Promotion Seminar 16:30 this week (Monday) 18:30 at Sh – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Ecuador Tourism Promotion Seminar 16:30 this week (Monday) 18:30 at Shimbashi Station!

Today, Mr. Ichikawa, who works for a travel agency in Ecuador, visited MAMANO.
I have lived in Ecuador for two years and have returned to Japan about once every six months.
This time, from Mr. Kotaki, the Japanese ambassador to Ecuador
"There is a store in Japan that specializes in Ecuadorian cacao!"
I heard that you introduced MAMANO, so you came to the store.
Thank you!!
Ecuador's Amazon wilderness, the diverse evolution of the Galapagos ecosystem.
Ecuador has a lot of fascinating nature, and the finest cacao that supports its economy.
It seems that we will hold an "Ecuador Tourism Promotion Seminar" to let you know more about such attractions.
The Ecuadorian Embassy in Japan also fully cooperated.
I also decided to go at my convenience.
If you have time, why don't you go? ??
"MAMANO", a fair trade chocolate shop specializing in Alibaba cacao
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