Gelato fee, advance payment is OK. – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Gelato fee, advance payment is OK.

It was a very hot day today.
You're still mushy.
There is an underground theater called "RED THEATER" in front of the MAMANO shop.
I sometimes use MAMANO as a gift for the cast and staff of this theater, but yesterday I had my first order.
"Can I pay the gelato fee for ◯ people in advance?
I want to let everyone eat this taste. "
of course! So, in a hurry, I wrote "1 gelato ticket ◯◯ -sama" on the DM of MAMANO and put a square mark on it.
I am very happy that there are customers who think this way.
Orders that I can't think of, or "Can I be a little selfish?" From the customer.
Responding to such words may lead to new services.
Therefore, we are accepting selfish orders from everyone.
The photo is with a beautiful girl who is a former colleague.
By the way, it was a performance called "Urayasu Rock", the 20th anniversary special performance of Showa Performing Arts Center.
It looks like a wonderful theater company. If you are interested, please!