"Creating an earth full of smiles with chocolate" We are looking for f – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

"Creating an earth full of smiles with chocolate" We are looking for friends to work with at MAMANO! Tokyo / Osaka

sekijima-jibun-shirokuro-mamano3I'm Ezawa, the representative of MAMANO.

"Creating an earth full of smiles with chocolate"
We are looking for friends to work with at MAMANO!

■Recruitment of members Mid 2016
3 sales employees (candidate store managers) * A new store is planned in Tokyo at the end of this year
1 marketing employee
1 event sales employee
1 employee of Management Headquarters (general backyard)
1 pastry chef chocolatier
1 employee in charge of personnel and recruitment

■ Part-time job recruitment
Main store part-time staff @ Akasaka 1 or 2 people
Manufacturing assistant @ Akasaka (confectionery student or confectionery student level) 1 or 2 people
One assistant in the personnel department
1 backyard (inventory management, purchasing work, etc.)
April 21-May 11 Part-time job at Shibuya Hikarie (3 or more per week) 3-5 people
May, June Part-time job at department stores around Umeda Station in Osaka (3 or more per week) 3-10 people
(Interview will be done by Skype.)

* We have started posting on Job Sense!
→ https://j-sen.jp/314504/y


We also accept how to do sales and marketing as a part-time job.
■ Internship recruitment
President Assistant
Chocolatier Assistant
Arrange according to the direction you want to grow.
It depends on your will.
Age does not matter for all occupations.
New graduates,
Second new graduate,
Hiring employees while attending college or vocational school,
Experienced people in their 30s and 50s,
You are welcome.

Those who are passionate about work,
Those who love chocolate,
Those who want to grow the company together,
Let's do it together.

You should have some experience,
Even if you have no experience, if you are sympathetic to MAMANO's values, have a passion for work, and can make an effort, I would like you to join us.

This year, we changed the beginning of the term.
The 4th term will be closed in January-March, and the 5th term will start in April 2016.
MAMANO will grow with our customers, along with the cacao farmers!

Please introduce your friends!
Please let me know to Ezawa!
It's okay at the level you are interested in, not the application! !!
Let's talk while having a cup of tea.
■ Thank you for introduction bonus
If you introduce an acquaintance or a friend and an employee joins, 30,000 yen for both
If you introduce an acquaintance or a friend and get a part-time job, both sides will be 3,000 yen.
is! (Please note that the system may be discontinued)

Get it!


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Added on April 12

"MAMANO April 14th (Thursday) Osaka Interview Meeting !!"

An interview will be held around Hankyu Umeda from the evening of April 14th (Thursday) (around 16:00 to 19:00)!
If you are interested, please apply at this opportunity m (_ _) m

■ How to apply
Apply from Job Sense to receive congratulatory money
→ https: //j-sen.jp/314504/y

■ Apply by email

■ Apply by phone