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I participated in a chocolate class! [Mamano Staff Blog]

Nice to meet you! This is Mamano Staff Nishimori.

Yesterday, I participated in a chocolate class by Mamano representative Ezawa!

Under the main theme of "Chocolate fat crystals and fat blooms", I studied the recent trends in the chocolate market and the process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate.

There are many factors that determine the taste of chocolate, but fermentation is also one of the important factors related to aroma. Fermentation under optimal conditions forms precursors of flavoring substances. Fermentation of cocoa beans is a continuous fermentation that repeats anaerobic and aerobic. In this course, we learned how yeast, lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria, and other bacteria increase and decrease with respect to the number of fermentation days.

I learned about the main theme of chocolate crystallization from the perspective of chemical changes. There are types I to VI in the crystal, and each has a different melting point and stability. The best is type V!

Type V has a melting point close to the temperature in the mouth, so it melts smoothly in the mouth.

It seems that tempering is important for the formation of this V-type crystal, but it became difficult to talk about it from this point and I could not understand it. I would like to continue studying chocolate!

Finally, it seems that the consumption of chocolate in Japan is less than one-third of that in Europe, so I wanted to convey the appeal of chocolate even more.