Notice of Valentine's Day Early Bird Reservation Start: Limited time o – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Notice of Valentine's Day Early Bird Reservation Start: Limited time offer from January 23 (Monday) to February 7 (Tuesday)!

This year's Valentine is decided by MAMANO chocolate that can not be bought anywhere else!

Would you like to give your loved one a chocolate made from Alibaba cacao, which is currently produced only 2% in the world and can only be bought at MAMANO?

Book now and get an early discount! !!
From January 23 (Monday) to February 7 (Tuesday).. It is accepted and received only at the Akasaka main store, and it is a prepayment system.


■ Valentine limited products

Bonbon chocolate

1. Sake (Doburoku)
The most popular last year! Rikuoku Hachisen Nigori Sake "Doburock"
It has a creamy taste but a dry and refreshing aftertaste. By all means for those who like alcohol!
6 pieces 2,408 yen / 10 pieces 3,889 yen


2. Argan oil
Argan oil is a rare, high-quality oil that can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect in Morocco. The best match between the fragrant nuts and the fruit of Ariva.
6 pieces 2,963 yen / 10 pieces 4,815 yen

3. Colorful pavé chocolate
never seen! Raw chocolate is so gorgeous!
Decorated with smooth raw chocolate.
6 pieces 2,403 yen / 10 pieces 3,889 yen

4. Salami
Even though it's chocolate, salami! ?? I put dried fruits and marshmallows in chocolate to make it look like salami.
It is also recommended for use as a gift for your company or friends.
649 yen per bottle

5. Assortment of lemon and Kiyomi tangor
It is a dip of chocolate in a confit of two kinds of fruits.
I've seen oranges a lot, but I've never seen lemons! Tangor is a rare variety of oranges and oranges.
We also have 3 types of raw chocolate with different cacao mix, chocolate crunch with marshmallow, and 5 types of chocolate bar with 70% cacao.

■ How to order
TEL 03-6441-2744