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[Member Blog] I gave a lecture at my alma mater's elementary school!

My name is Kobayashi from the MAMANO Administration Department.

Although it is a private matter, I participated in a lecture held at my alma mater's elementary school on July 6th (Friday) as a lecturer.I will take this opportunity to share the situation of the day, even though I am afraid!


The teacher who took care of me when I was in junior high school happened to be the principal of the elementary school I graduated from.
While keeping in touch, I received a thankful offer, "I want my juniors to talk about their work."

What kind of story did you talk about

While thinking about the content, the theme was decided to be "the meaning of working" from the idea that "there are few opportunities for children to think about what" working "means in the first place."
In my own interpretation, I have conveyed to some children in the future the significance of the company's existence, the meaning of working, and what is required to work!

State of the day

Six graduates, including myself, took the stage on the day.
There was a poster with each name written on it at the venue.

It's a handmade warm poster!


A public who is never used to it. I was nervous and the content was conceptual, so I'm worried that I could convey 100% of what I wanted to convey, but the children took notes and asked a lot of questions.
I hope that the contents of this time will remain in the hearts of the juniors who will carry Japan in the future ...!


This is the report I gave a lecture at Kobayashi's alma mater in the management department!

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