Do you know the "Yasuni ITT Initiative"? – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Do you know the "Yasuni ITT Initiative"?

Do you know the "Yasuni ITT Initiative"?
Ecuador's "Yasuni" is the most biodiversity land in the world.
It is known that a huge amount of oil (846 million barrels) is stored under the Yasuni district.
The Yasuni ITT Initiative is an initiative by the Ecuadorian government and UNDP (United Nations Development Program) to decide not to permanently excavate the Yasni district, a treasure trove of valuable biodiversity, and to support it around the world.
The Yasuni ITT Initiative also includes activities to protect cocoa, a traditional natural farming method. The KALLARI chocolates used by MAMANO are grown in the immediate vicinity of this Yasuni district.
Chocolate made from cacao grown in the world's most diverse jungle, using traditional natural farming methods that can coexist with forests.
Isn't it exciting?