[Report] Valentine's Day Rally 2019 was held! – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Report] Valentine's Day Rally 2019 was held!


This is Uemura from the sales staff.


One month left until Valentine's Day, Mamano held a rally again this year!

We will deliver the state of the day ~!

▶︎ Employees, long-term part-time workers, short-term part-time workers


First greeting.

"Let's deliver delicious chocolate and wonderful service this year too !!!"

▶︎ The sales staff will brighten the store just by being there.


After watching the movie that summarizes MAMANO, a greeting from the representative, Mr. Ezawa.

The staff members enthusiastically listen to stories about MAMANO's history, feelings, and Valentine's goals.

▶︎ Mr. Ezawa who talks about cacao love and his best friend's whiteboard


After that, the staff's self-introduction time.

Stable sales staff, manufacturing team, long-term part-time staff, and short-term staff during Valentine's Day also greet each other.

In fact, most of the short-term staff are members who worked at MAMANO last year as well. What a reliable ...!

▶︎ Sales staff Arai Rin. It's healing for everyone.


▶︎ Mr. Kobayashi, an employee. Will do anything.


It's time to explain the product in a slightly tense atmosphere.

While checking the product name and expiration date, try all the products and learn the taste.

Not only sales staff but also packaging staff can handle chocolate with more affection by knowing the taste, characteristics, and commitment of each chocolate.

▶︎ Cute chocolates cut into mini sizes.


▶︎ Describe your favorite chocolate and the reason.


▶︎ Relieve tension and exchange opinions with each other. Salt chocolate says that he wants to drink alcohol. (Still at 10 AM)


After tasting plenty of chocolate, I studied accounting and played a role-playing game.

MAMANO does not have a detailed customer service manual. Once you have learned the basic rules, the customer service style is left to each staff member. By doing so, we will be able to respond flexibly to the needs of our customers, and we believe that we will be able to interact with our customers as an individual ...!

▶︎ A model for sales employees and Nishimono. From Vienna and where the door opens.


▶︎ Arain Rin low pre-playing game. A customer who asks sharp questions


▶︎ A member who enthusiastically takes notes. Waiting on customers is a learning experience.

The talk was lively on the way, and at the end, although I was fluttering due to time constraints, I took a group photo and this year's Valentine's Day rally was over.

The staff who work in different jobs will be able to reunite their feelings and exert their strengths in each place, and it will be Valentine's Day!

Mamano this yearTobu IkebukuroWe will open a store in.

Akasaka Mitsuke Main Store is also waiting for you to change the business hours longer than usual!