[Report] MAMANO CHOCOLATE chocolate eating party report

[Report] MAMANO CHOCOLATE chocolate eating party report

Good evening!

We held a chocolate eating party today!
Ten people from the applicants participated in the lottery.


Thank you for visiting Akasaka.
Also, unfortunately, there were some people who were missed due to the lottery this time, so please apply at the next event.

The following chocolates are available today.

Bonbon Chocolat Alibaca Kao 73% coating

 Argan oil
 Yoron Island salt
 passion fruit
 Alibaba ganache
 Japanese honey bee honey

Card chocolate alibacao 73%

 Yoron Island salt
 Caramel nuts
 Crispy pie
 Tanegashima brown sugar

Palette chocolate

 Salty nuts
 Double berry

God's large raw chocolate

 Alibaba Dark
 Ariva x Strawberry

In the middle of the story, we were able to talk about various topics in a peaceful manner while we had a common hobby of chocolate, such as the recent favorite shops of the participants and the story of cheese and aroma.

I talked about Alibaba cacao and the next story about the new studio. As a creator, I am very happy to see the reaction of our customers!

It may have been awkward because it was the first time today, but I am really grateful to everyone for their kind cooperation. From now on, we will be making angry Valentine's Day, but we will do our best to deliver delicious chocolates!