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"Experience making exciting chocolate at the smallest chocolate factory in the world" Business report

"Experience making exciting chocolate at the smallest chocolate factory in the world" Business report
November 19, 2013 (Fire)
Global Citizens / Coataro Co., Ltd. Kotaro Ezawa
Event summary
● Purpose
Through the experience of making chocolate using Ecuadorian cacao located on the other side of Japan, the story of cacao by chemists, and the local story by embassy staff, we aimed to provide children with an opportunity to have a global perspective. In addition, by making what we learned at the event into an original picture book, we wanted to make it a deeply memorable event, not just an experience.
● Event schedule
Saturday, November 16, 2013 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
● Venue
Latin American Salon in the Ecuadorian Embassy Building
Spicy Soup Akasaka Mitsuke
● Co-sponsored / cooperative / sponsored organizations
Sponsored by the Ecuadorian Embassy
Co-sponsored by the Flying Smile Project, Global Citizens
Cooperation: MAMANO Co., Ltd. ・ Gojaru Studio
● Number of participants
Elementary school students   11
Protectors 11
● Same-day schedule
9:00-  opening
9: 20-Greetings
9: 30- "What is Ecuador?" Lecturer: Mr. Carlos Guevara, Third Secretary of the Embassy of Ecuador
    * Japanese simultaneous interpretation available
10: 00- "Mysterious power of chocolate !!" Lecturer: Nutrition Act Co., Ltd. Representative Director Masahito Ishikawa
10: 30- Move to Akasaka Mitsuke's chocolate making venue by Toei Bus (travel time about 25 minutes)
11: 10- "Let's make chocolate !!" Lecturer: Mr. Kotaro Ezawa, CEO of chocolate shop "MAMANO"
    "Let's put together a picture book about today !!" Picture book creator / Gojaru Studio representative Tomoko Goza
12: 10-Presentation of picture books and social gathering while eating lunch
13:00 End
?. publication
・ Broadcast on Minatoshinjuku cable TV "Minashin Wide"
November 23-29
・ Many WEB news
(Mynavi News, Ameba News, global edu, etc.)
?. Summary (Kotaro Ezawa, Representative Director, Global Citizens)
First of all, I would like to thank all the speakers, interpreters, and management staff for their volunteer cooperation in holding this event. We would also like to thank all the applicants for attending without any absence on the day.
This event was held with the aim of providing children who will lead the future with an opportunity to have a global perspective, but the children were more active than expected in asking questions and working on making chocolates and picture books. The appearance was impressive. I felt once again that by giving the children an opportunity as an experience, they would learn by themselves. We believe that the social significance of this event is that we were able to provide an opportunity for children to become aware of themselves.
Regarding the operation system, it proceeded almost according to the schedule and was able to operate without delay, but it remained as a reflection that there were many points where detailed consideration was not taken.
Regarding the balance, MAMANO will make up for some of the deficit. Even though it is a volunteer business, it is necessary to make a more detailed forecast of the purchase price of equipment in advance so that it will not be in the red.
It is a major premise that the content of the event will satisfy the participants. Furthermore, it is necessary to disseminate information while clearly stating its social significance, to have people other than the event participants recognize the intention and significance of the event, and to get involved.
This time, we were interviewed by Minato Shinjuku Cable TV on the day of the event, and it will be aired for a week. I was keenly aware that I had to do it.
The next scheduled date has not been decided, but we would like to hold it in a more refined form.