Notice: Happy Halloween! 10/27 (Sat) -10/31 (Wed) "Trick or Treat ♪" w – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Notice: Happy Halloween! 10/27 (Sat) -10/31 (Wed) "Trick or Treat ♪" will give you sweets!

How will you spend this year's Halloween?

At MAMANO this year as wellHalloween campaign
To the store staff"Trick or Treat!"If you say the slogan of1 part de fluymosquito,1 grain of raw chocolateAs a gift!

Not just for childrenOf course adults are also welcomeis!
Only for line friends and e-mail magazine membersIt will be a gift for you, so please register before you come to the store!

How to participate

① If you are a line friend or e-mail magazine member, the member screenTo show me
(If you are not a member, you can register in advance or register on the spot!)

② Password"Trick or Treat!"
(③ Let's show off to our friends on Instagram ♪)

※ Not only for product purchasersSo please feel free to visit us.

Campaign period

2018/10/27(Sat) ~ 2018/10/31(Water)

Gift sweets

"Akasaka Chocolat Fruy 1 grain" or "Hitokuchi raw chocolate 1 grain"

* Sweets will change depending on the day.
* Limited to 300 pieces per day (It will end as soon as it runs out. In that case, we will announce it on Twitter)


For customers using the online shop ☆

"Akasaka Chocolat Fruy 1 grain"ofOne for every 1,000 yen orderI will attach it!

Online shop Halloween wrapping gift period:2018.10.22 (month)~10.31 (water)