The long-awaited big size chocolate bar is here !! – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

The long-awaited big size chocolate bar is here !!

Ariba chocolate fans, thank you for your patience.
Until now, all chocolate bar series have been offered at 10g or 15g, but
Starting today, we will sell 50g size chocolate bar.
First of all, only pure Ariva, but we plan to start selling 50g size chocolate bar as needed.
The 10g size is so thin that it gives the impression that it melts when placed on the tongue.
It is a way of eating that you can close your eyes and feel the aroma and fruitiness of the flowers that are characteristic of Ariva.
The 50g size has a solid thickness, so you can chew it and enjoy it.
The amount of Ariva chocolate that goes into your mouth increases dramatically, so the taste and aroma will spread dramatically.
If you want to enjoy the taste of Ariva chocolate luxuriously, please try the 50g size.
We hope that you will enjoy happiness that is a bit different from the 10g size.
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